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This cultural competency training will “promotes self-reflection and discussion including, but not limited to the following topics: racial, cultural, and socioeconomic groups; American Indian and Alaskan native students; religion; systemic racism; gender identity, including transgender students; sexual orientation; language diversity; and individuals with disabilities and mental health concerns.


Training programs must be designed to deepen teachers' understanding of their own frames of reference, the potential bias in these frames, and their impact on expectations for and relationships with students, students' families, and the school communities.”

Presented by: Dr. Lanise BlockDr. Macarre TraynhamLeiatua Dr. Robert Jon Peterson, & Shakira Onwuachi, MSW, LGSW 

Cultural Competency
Cultural Competency

This training will identify key warning signs and symptoms of early onset of mental illness in children.  Educators will obtain a great understanding of how mental health disorders affect students' learning capacities and impact behaviors.

Presented by: Shakira Onwuachi, MSW, LGSW

Early Onset Mental Illness
Early Onset Mental Illness: Cultural Awareness & Considerations

The purpose of this session is to provide conference / training participants with insights on how to build and become a part of a broader policy advocacy movement focused on meeting the needs of Emerging Multilingual Learners (EML’s), primarily, by leveraging the Minnesota LEAP’s Act. Through partnerships with members of E-12, higher education, and community organizations, participants will learn how to develop a coalition for proposing specific legislative policies to better support EML educators, students, and families and improve the overall implementation of MN LEAP’s.  After the presentation there will be an interactive dialogue on ways in which educators can build, and sustain, a statewide coalition for improving racially equitable outcomes for EML’s through policy advocacy and coalition-building.  


Presented by: Leiatua Dr. Robert Jon Peterson 

English Learners
Building a Coalition: Strengthening the Minnesota LEAP’s Act through Partnerships, Policy Advocacy, and a Race Equity Agenda

Suicide is a serious and preventable health problem that can have lasting harmful effects on individuals, families and communities.  This training will go over early warning signs, the latest research findings, and provide links to related videos, guides, and community-focused tools. 



Presented by: Shakira Onwuachi, MSW, LGSW 

Culturally Responsive Suicide Prevention
Culturally Responsive Suicide Prevention

Part 1: Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies evidencing accommodating modifying, and adapting curricula, materials. 

Part 2: CR PBIS we will review the 5-point intervention approach for enhancing equity in student outcomes within a SWPBIS approach.

Presented by: Dr. Lanise Block

Culturally Responsive
Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies
Culturally Responsive Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies
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