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What CI Seekers are saying about the Conference

Man Portrait

"My eyes were opened on lots of topics, being from rural southern Minnesota, I have not been exposed (as much) to many of the cultural differences that are out there. I feel I will definitely have a better perspective and outlook/approach to students when I return to teaching in the future."

Smiling Woman

 "The presentation was well designed and carried out, especially being all online. Felt it was a very comfortable and very informative learning experience, thank you and look forward to more tomorrow."

"Helps you be more aware of your own biases"


"They were all very knowledgeable and kept things moving along at a good pace, but also allowed chances for feedback and questions."

"Always a lot to learn as I navigate my way through this culture of white supremacy I am living in. It will always be a process of unlearning and learning. As an educator, I am up for the challenge!"

Young Woman with Smart Outfit

"Challenging, necessary, and very thoughtful!"

"Good conversations with the breakout groups and the class leaders were very knowledgable."

"Liked your humor and vulnerability when things(technology ) was awkward. Very responsive teaching."

Black and White Portrait of a Woman

"Loved it as it was information that I have not been informed directly on before and it will be very helpful going forward."

"I feel the content was extremely informative and very much useful for us, especially in today's society."

Happy Man

"High value of content"

"It was very informative and made me think a lot about myself and the way I was raised."

"I've been made to think about some more concepts of cultural competency"

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